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Ceramic Discs for faucet cartridge and headwork


Annually, more than 10 million of HTC's ceramic discs are installed as seal discs in faucet cartridges and headworks


ceramic disc


HTC's ceramic discs are made from 96% alumina ceramics using dry pressing and mirror machining method, which results in sliding surfaces with extraordinary mirror-surface and diamond-like hardness. These sliding surfaces completely meet the demands of faucet cartridges and headworks in terms of the sealing power, hardness and reliability of the ceramic discs. These surface properties ensure the superior reliability and long service life of ceramic disc, the ceramic discs work safely and finely in the ceramic cartidge or headwork for optimum sealing and soft movement after 500,000 cycle operating periods.


Product Highlights:

-Comfort and convenience of the cartridge/headwork

-Tight tolerances

-Excellent sealing

-Soft movement and noise suppression in the cartridge/headwork

-High hardness and long service life

-Chemical Resistance


Material properties :


Item Characteristic value
Material 96% Alumina
Color White/brown
Density(g/cm3) ≥3.65
Flexural strength(MPa) 330
Hardness(HV5) ≥1000
Water absorption rate(%) 0
Surface roughness 0.3um≥Ra≥0.05um
surface bearing area ratio(%) 80≥SBA≥50




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